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ArchGarage is a 'new' initiative from Microsoft MAPA Team, that is currently in the ideation stage. Think of this as a "Intuitive Buddy System" for technical & solution architects providing access to powerful tools, assessment frameworks and access to Microsoft support teams. These assets may help discover cloud opportunities in your customer accounts, assess their cloud candidacy and architect fool proof solutions for your customers across various cloud scenarios like SAP on Azure, Lift & Shift opportunities, Dev-Ops, Open source, Bigdata, ML and IOT. We would like to validate this concept with the architect & technical influencer community. Based on feedback and survey results, we will determine the direction & course of the initiative.

We are currently accepting requests to subscribe in to the ArchGarage "Private Preview Program". The subscription may potentially allow access to valuable information, access to tools & resources to accelerate cloud discovery, rationalization framework and workload specific assessments.
Confirmation for the private preview subscription and information, regarding access to ArchGarage is subject to the directions of the initiative. Microsoft MAPA Team reserves the right to decide on the course of action and its timelines.


We are conducting a quick survey regarding this initiative, to collect feedback and improvise the concept of the initiative. One of the key considerations in processing your subscription interest is - participation in a quick survey regarding the program initiatives and the ideas explored.

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